Perceptions vs. Reality: Understanding and Communicating Customer Value to Boost Revenue

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When making a final call on a purchasing decision, B2B buyers ultimately make a decision on whether the solution’s perceived value justifies the investment. This perception, influenced by a range of factors within and beyond the seller’s control, is often misaligned with the solution’s actual value. B2B companies that are able to identify and close this gap have an improved understanding of what motivates end users and purchasers, leading to better product management and commercial decisions. These organizations are also able to clearly communicate their value in ways that customers and prospects intuitively understand, boosting marketing and sales performance.

In this webinar, Mark Stiving, Ph.D., explores B2B decision-making through the eyes of the customer. During the session, he breaks down the differences between perceived and actual value, explores ways buyers weigh your inherent value alongside value relative to competing alternatives, and offers actionable advice for commercial teams seeking to build value into their solutions and sharpen their value message.

Mark Stiving, Ph.D.

Mark Stiving, Ph.D.

Mark Stiving, Ph.D. is an educator at heart and a pricing enthusiast by education and experience. While teaching pricing, he realized the key problem is that companies don’t understand value, what it is and how much they deliver to their customers.For over 25 years, he has studied, led and coached businesses through the lens of pricing and driven company-wide pricing initiatives worth hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental profit. During this time, he has started and sold three companies, spoken at major conferences, and conducted over 400 days of corporate training around the globe.He is also author of Impact Pricing: Your Blueprint for Driving Profits, a highly readable and practical manual on injecting value into your pricing strategy.

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