Overcome 7 Profit-Killing Pricing Misconceptions: Avoid Mistakes in Tough Markets

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For B2B companies, the pressure to discount can skyrocket during times of economic crisis. This pressure comes from all sides: customers seeking price relief, management pushing to compensate for declining market size, competitors pushing to retain or gain share, salespeople worried about their own compensation as well as their customer relationships, and societal pressure to be a good corporate citizen. Resisting this pressure while balancing the desire to do the right thing is not easy.

While many of these pressures come from difficult, real-world circumstances, pricing misconceptions abound during times of uncertainty, and have a negative impact on B2B businesses’ profits at a time when they are already suffering. In this webinar, Joanne Smith will share strategies to overcome these misconceptions, and ways to help you remain resilient during challenging times.

Joanne Smith

Joanne Smith

Joanne Smith is the President of Price to Profits Consulting, formerly the DuPont Corporate Head of Marketing and Pricing and the author of The Price Negotiation Playbook and The Price and Profit Playbook. She focuses on helping B2B companies transform their pricing performance. At DuPont, she was instrumental in creating the pricing organization, which transformed DuPont from weak to outstanding pricing performance. Check out her website at www.price2profits.com.

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