More Data! More Money? Understanding Customer Value to Monetize Data Assets

Format: Webinar

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As the “internet of things” becomes more pervasive, and companies continue to collect an ever increasing amount of data, both public and private, opportunities continuously arise for monetizing data assets. These assets can range from customer purchase or usage trends to detailed operational statistics and predictive analytics across global markets. There are some important choices to make: Can you even monetize these assets? Should you? If so, how can you do this to create sustainable business growth?

Watch more More Data! More Money? to learn:

  • How to identify and prioritize the key data attributes for possible monetization
  • The benefits of taking a more holistic approach to the offer by looking beyond the data
  • Why starting with the customer to understand impact to job roles creates more effective pricing.

Understand customer value to monetize data assets.


Alan Hollander is a Director at Simon-Kucher & Partners and has been a frequent speaker at PPS conferences over his 20+ years in the pricing profession. He offers a unique set of perspectives as both a practitioner and consultant in the areas of go to market strategy, new product launch, customer value modeling, packaging and pricing. Alan has specific industry expertise across SaaS/Cloud Software, Data/Information Services, Telecommunications and Technology from his time as an executive leader at Monster.Com, Avaya, LexisNexis and Medidata Solutions. Prior to moving into the corporate world, Alan started his consulting career at the Strategic Pricing Group.

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