Engaging the Professional Buyer: Utilizing Value to Close Deals and Build Relationships

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Time spent with a professional buyer is precious and limited. According to CEB, Now Gartner, only 17% of the overall buying journey is spent meeting with potential suppliers. The rest of the buyer’s journey consists of researching independently online, meeting internally, and researching independently offline. If you get involved in the buying process too late, you’re dead. But how do you engage early?

Join Chris Provines, Founder and CEO of Value Vantage Partners, as he discusses exactly how to adapt to the new professional buyer to speak their language, advance negotiation, close more deals, and build collaborative relationships. Attendees of Engaging the Professional Buyer will learn:

  • Who professional buyers are and how they make decisions.
  • How professional buyers think about value in a negotiation.
  • How to leverage value at all six stages of the buying process to improve price outcome, speed time to close, and build stronger customer relationships.
  • How to turn professional buyers into advocates and leverage them as part of a broader buying team.

Chris Provines

Chris Provines

Chris Provines is Founder and CEO of Value Vantage Partners, and is an accomplished executive, business advisor, and adjunct professor with broad global experience in Fortune 500 businesses. His experience includes vice president roles at Johnson & Johnson and Siemens in commercial excellence, strategic pricing, account management, global procurement, and business improvement. As an advisor, he helps businesses grow profits through smarter pricing and commercial execution. He is an author of three books. Chris has trained over 8,500 sales and marketing professionals in value-based pricing, selling value, and negotiating with 21st century procurement.

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