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When B2B companies are confronted with increased uncertainty, they rely to tried-and-tested strategies within their control to maximize business outcomes. Value Pricing is a proven method used by the world’s leading organizations to improve performance and profitability, regardless of the economic forecast. During challenging times, the ability to realize the benefits of Value Pricing is more important than ever for B2B commercial teams. Despite this, many companies fail to consistently capture these potential benefits.

In order to realize the power of their Value Pricing initiatives, B2B organizations must not only build, but also maintain a successful Value Selling program. In this webinar, Steve Laborda shares actionable steps for achieving commercial success by translating existing Value Pricing strategies into a Value Selling framework within sales and marketing.

Steve Laborda

Steve Laborda

Steve Laborda is a leader, coach, expert, and practitioner in B2B sales and marketing excellence focusing on improving profitability, capturing value, and developing the competences of commercial teams. With 15 years of experience in the specialty chemical industry, he has successfully impacted corporate cultures, behaviors and processes through the design, development and execution of commercial excellence programs and trainings. As CEO of ValueBizBooster, he helps teams fully realize potential of Value-Based Selling to improve profitability and growth.

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