Align B2B Marketing & Sales: Communicating Your Value Proposition Across the Customer Journey

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The modern buyer’s journey begins well before the first sales call. Purchasing teams spend an increasing amount of time doing research before engaging with sales. Although the first vendor to paint a vision of value with the prospect wins the deal 74% of the time, sales and marketing teams too often fail to communicate their value continuously through the buying process. Your prospects want to understand the outcomes your solution will deliver, and they need to communicate the value of the outcomes internally to defend their purchasing recommendations. How can B2B marketing teams build campaigns that convey this value to prospects early and often?

B2B marketers need to both initiate value conversations with prospects and support sales in communicating this differentiation. High quality value content, applied at every stage of the customer journey, can help generate qualified leads at scale and enable reps to close more opportunities, faster, at higher deal sizes.

In this webinar, Nick Welter, Brian Hannon, and Aaron Miller share the processes and technology that align B2B marketing and sales on a shared narrative of value delivered, starting from the very top of the prospect funnel. During the session, we will explore:

  • An overview of value marketing, and how it is critical to a high-performing B2B demand gen operation.
  • The shortcomings of traditional ROI calculators in driving value selling success.
  • Strategies for incorporating value content into multi-channel marketing campaigns.
  • Ways that customer value can drive marketing and sales alignment across the prospect lifecycle.

Brian Hannon

Brian Hannon

Brian Hannon is VP, Sales at LeveragePoint. Previously, he served as Director of Sales at LeveragePoint, Senior Account Executive at Invention Machine Corporation, and Senior Account Manager at Mentor Graphics. He heads LeveragePoint’s value-selling initiative by leading the sales team to capture, communicate, and deliver value in every customer interaction. Mr. Hannon holds a BSEE in Electrical Engineering from the University of Vermont.
Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller is VP, Product at LeveragePoint. Aaron rejoined LeveragePoint in 2019 from Forrester Research, where he held sales and product management roles. Prior to that, Aaron was a founding employee of LeveragePoint and held various roles with responsibilities, including marketing, customer success, and product development. As VP, Product, he directs product design and development, as well as customer success. He is a graduate of Tufts University with a BA in Economics and International Relations.

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