More Data! More Money? Understanding Customer Value to Monetize Data Assets

As the “internet of things” becomes more pervasive, and companies continue to collect an ever increasing amount of data, both public and private, opportunities continuously arise for monetizing data assets. These assets can range from customer purchase or usage trends…

Tool Release Notes: March 2016

March 2016 New for this release: New value modeling functionality: users can now copy Competitor and Offering price components, just like Value Drivers. Preview as VP is now available from the Actions menu on the main value model search page…

Developing a Value Mindset for Successful B2B Value Transformations

Value and Pricing Transformations are often slowed down or impacted by the lack of mindset change across the organization. To make changes irreversible, the development of a value mindset across the organization is essential. Institutionalizing a growth mindset for value…

Tool Release Notes: February 2016

February 2016 New for this release: New functionality in Price Setting tool. The Modeled Price tab (tab 1) now allows users to set price based on percentage of Total Differentiated Value. Users can now switch between this, Total Economic Value…

So, You Want Your Team to Sell to the C-Suite?

The best B2B sales executives know how to navigate the organizations they sell to. Steering sales conversations to the top is often an important element in their success. It can be make-or-break for complex products or solutions with high price…

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