Quickly Turn Key Customer Insights into Quantified Value Propositions

What’s in this webinar?

Today’s B2B customers are 60% through the sales process prior to engaging with sellers, so it’s critical sales teams present the right content at initial customer meetings. Forrester Research states, “The first vendor to succeed in communicating a vision to executives wins the business 74% of the time.” Yet, 90% of marketing content goes unused by sales because it’s not the right content or reps cannot find it.

Leading B2B suppliers make it easy for sales teams to find and deliver differentiated content containing business insights that engage customers in conversations. Showing customers an understanding of their business challenges and how your solution delivered positive results for others in the same industry gives your reps a competitive edge.

Attendees of Quickly Turn Key Customer Insights into Quantified Value Propositions will learn:

  • How reps use Value Propositions to proactively address the question, “What do you do for your customers?
  • How content targeted to the customer’s business builds instant credibility for your rep
  • How reps presenting customer value instead of leading with price win more deals at higher prices
  • How easily Value Propositions are created using current marketing content with two examples

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