Release Notes: August 2021

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New for this release:

  • Advanced Search for Value Maps: a robust advanced search menu has been added to the Market Analyses tab of the Marketing Home page, and sits alongside and works with the existing filters menu to the right of the search bar.
  • A new option is now available to globally unlock all editable content within Value Propositions, so that Sales users can edit any of the editable content in any UVP, without a Marketing user being required to manually click to unlock that particular item.
  • New flexibility has been added for improved formatting and presentation of Choice Variables in Value Propositions. For example, we can now explicitly display in-slide the name of the selected option or the value of the selected option, or both; as well, when a Sales user clicks to change the selected option, the drop-down menu can show the names of the available options, the values of the available options, or both.

Please reach out to your LeveragePoint contact or for more information on any of these new features.

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