Release Notes: July 2021

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New for this release:

  • The integration with LeveragePoint Value Propositions has been updated with major improvements to the end user experience, as well as the ability to import much more customer data from LeveragePoint into Salesforce.
  • A new “Copy” action has been added to the Product options menu in the Value Maps tool, so that users can duplicate product price and market share calculations, minimizing the need to manually duplicate similar formulas.
  • User administrators now have access to a new usage report (within the Group Usage tool), which allows you to download a detailed report of the actions of each individual user within a particular group.
  • All calendar dates have been updated to use an internationally clearer display format. For example, the 9th of February in the year 2018 will now be displayed as: 2018 Feb 9.

Please reach out to your LeveragePoint contact or for more information on any of these new features.

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