Release Notes: March 2021

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New for this release:

  • Advanced Search for Sales Home Page: the status filters have been replaced with a robust advanced search menu, including options to search by user, customer, competitor, Value Prop status, date range, and more. (Note: If you select Archived Date using the date range option, the results will only include objects which were archived after 27 Feb, 2021, when we first began storing that date on archived objects.)
  • On the Modeled Price tab of the Price Setting tool, new default Value Capture settings have been set, as follows: Total Economic Value = 50%, Differentiation Value = 33%, Competitor Price = 110%, and ROI = 100%. Note: customers can also now modify any of these numbers for their organization, as well as set which tab should be selected by default for any new Value Model.
  • Marketing users can now copy lists of products or benefits from Excel, and paste those lists on the relevant tabs of the Value Map tool.
  • NOTE: In Value Propositions, the “Edit Layout” feature is now called “Edit Presentation” to better reflect the wide-ranging edit options available.

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