Release Notes: March 2022

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In this release, we have added a new suite of functionality to better support the lead generation / customer acquisition process, including the following new features:

  • Integration with an industry-leading CMS, enabling the design of Value Propositions that have a modern website look and feel, alongside the traditional LeveragePoint presentation formats.
  • The ability to publish Value Proposition(s) publicly, so they can be accessed without a LeveragePoint user login. Customers and prospects can then create protected UVPs from those public-facing Value Props, keeping their data secure and accessible to both them and your sales teams.
  • The ability to import a data set containing customer/prospect data (which you already have) to auto-generate en masse a number of UVPs, which can be used by your sales teams or shared directly with your customers/prospects, e.g. by email marketing campaign.

Please reach out to your LeveragePoint contact or for more information on any of these new features.

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