Release Notes: October 2021

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New for this release:


  • To prevent data loss, a warning now pops up any time a user attempts a screenshot download with unsaved changes in a Value Prop or UVP.
  • The “Copy to Value Model” function (which was recently created for UVPs) has now been extended to Value Props and Value Prop Previews to facilitate data gathering during the validation process before a Value Prop is published.
  • We have reintroduced a drop-down menu of filter options on the Value Props tab of the Marketing home page, just beside the new advanced search bar, ensuring that users can have simplicity for everyday use, as well as advanced capability when needed.
  • Marketing users can now create copies of Variables from within any calculator dialog, including Value Drivers, Price Components, and Subformulas, helping to avoid additional navigation back and forth between the calculator dialog and the Variables list (which was the only place where it was previously possible to copy Variables).

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