Price Negotiations: The Key to Success

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Why do most sales people discount far more often and far deeper than needed? Leading causes are related to their courage, confidence and conviction in achieving their fair price. Even experienced, good sales negotiators – the ones that close the deals – faulter went it comes to the skills needed to know when to discount their price and by how much. This is a sobering reality considering most B2B companies are facing ever increasing challenges in their pricing environment.

Join Joanne Smith, President of Price to Profits Consulting, former DuPont Pricing Leader and author of “The Price Negotiation Playbook”, as she shares practical approaches to improve your sales team’s price negotiation skills. This is based on Joanne’s extensive experience with hundreds of B2B businesses to significantly improve your ability to stop excessive price discounts and to effectively raise price. Attendees of Price Negotiations: The Key to Success will learn:

  • The importance and value of good price negotiation skills
  • How to assess your sales team’s price negotiation skill level
  • Where sales teams often go wrong with price negotiations
  • The key skill for price negotiation success


Joanne Smith spent over 20 years driving profitability from a variety of business, marketing, and pricing leadership roles inside of DuPont. As the Corporate Director of Marketing and Pricing at DuPont, she headed a highly innovative pricing team that influenced senior leaders including those in the marketing and sales organizations to adopt new, bold pricing approaches. Currently, she is President of Price to Profits Consulting which assists B2B companies in transforming their pricing performance to enhance long-term profitability. Joanne is the author of The Pricing and Profit Playbook as well as The Price Negotiation Playbook. She teaches pricing courses, as well as provides keynote speeches, around the world.

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