Mastering Value Communication: Transform Your Sales Execution with Skills and Technology

Format: Webinar

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Value selling is the proven way for B2B companies to improve their commercial performance and profitability. Sales and marketing teams that successfully communicate their value in sales conversations improve their win rates, capture higher prices in negotiations, and reduce sales cycles. To realize these benefits, B2B organizations must support their sales teams with the technology and skills they need to successfully convey their value in live selling situations.

In this webinar, John Shulman, co-founder and CEO of Alignor, will share strategies for elevating key skills across B2B sales teams. When paired with cutting-edge, interactive technology, these skills provide a foundation for Value Selling success.

During the session, you will learn:

  • How sales teams can master the value conversation and paint compelling value stories.
  • A framework for engaging customers and prospects in live sales settings by focusing on value.
  • How digital value propositions can be used to engage customers and prospects through interactive presentations using their own live data.
  • Proven strategies to upskill your sales organization by gamifying Value training.



John Shulman is an internationally known expert and public speaker on negotiation and sales effectiveness. With degrees in English and Law from Harvard University, John has worked with the United Nations, the Harvard Program on Negotiation’s Middle East peace project, and with numerous national and local governments.

John has trained and consulted with thousands of sales leaders and professionals from dozens of large organizations throughout the United States and internationally. In 1999, John and colleagues founded training and consulting firm Alignor to help organizations implement negotiation and sales best practices. Alignor’s learning games, tools and methodologies are used by numerous Fortune 500 companies to build world class skills and capabilities across their global sales organizations.

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