Outcome-Based Pricing: Managing Risk through Customer Value

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Leading B2B companies have generated sustained success through a longstanding focus on customer value delivered. An increasing number of these organizations have begun to explore outcome-based pricing strategies to manage uncertainty and risk while maximizing customer value and profitability. When implemented properly, these strategies can align B2B buyers and sellers around shared success. However, since poorly designed outcome-based agreements are fraught with risk, many companies are extremely cautious when taking their first steps.

In this webinar, Timothy Matanovich, Chief Enlightenment Officer at Value and Pricing Secrets, will explore the key factors that impact the successful implementation of outcome-based pricing strategies. During the session, attendees will learn:

  1. Ways to quantify, prove, and measure customer value.
  2. How to carefully select customers to engage in outcome-based pricing.
  3. Tips for prudently weighing the risks involved.
  4. Key internal and external stakeholders in designing and approving outcome-based contracts.

Timothy Matanovich

Timothy Matanovich

Tim Matanovich is Chief Enlightenment Officer of Value and Pricing Secrets, offering just-in-time training, consulting and tools in value and pricing strategy. He has the only YouTube channel dedicated to pricing strategy in B2B, technology and services environments. His book, Profitable Technology Services Pricing, is the only book targeted to pricing of services that support technology products.

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