So, You Want Your Team to Sell to the C-Suite?

Format: Webinar

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The best B2B sales executives know how to navigate the organizations they sell to. Steering sales conversations to the top is often an important element in their success. It can be make-or-break for complex products or solutions with high price tags and long sales cycles. The best sales reps understand when a CEO, CFO, CMO or CCO is open to a conversation, how to prepare for it, how to orchestrate the conversation and what the C-suite wants to know. And they know how to deploy their own team to best effect in these discussions.

Watch “So, You Want Your Team to Sell to the C-suite?” to learn:

  • How customer executives view complex products and solutions
  • The 7 pitfalls of aiming high
  • When it makes sense to engage the C-suite
  • What the C-suite wants to know about your product or solution
  • How to prepare your team for a value-added C-suite conversation
  • How to orchestrate a C-suite discussion effectively
  • Effective executive sales conversations do not happen by accident.

They require team preparation, content that demonstrates your product or solution’s value proposition and an ability to be nimble in the conversation itself. Expect the unexpected.


Peyton Marshall

Peyton Marshall, Ph.D. is CEO of LeveragePoint. Previously, he served as CFO and Acting CEO at PanacosPharmaceuticals, Inc.; CFO of EPIX Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; and CFO of The Medicines Company through their initial public offering and commercial launch of Angiomax®. Previously, he was an investment banker in London at Union Bank of Switzerland, and at Goldman Sachs where he was head of European product development. He has served on the faculty in the Economics Department at Vanderbilt University. Dr. Marshall holds an AB in Economics from Davidson College, and a Ph.D. in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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