Release Notes: April 2016

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April 2016

New for this release:

  • Enhanced Share Settings for UVPs (unique value propositions) – Until now, only the UVP creator could save edits to a UVP. Now other users can be assigned edit or owner permissions which gives companies more flexibility in managing UVPs. (NOTE: Contact LeveragePoint Customer Support to turn this capability on for your company configuration).
  • Reorder Tables and Comparison – Both publishers and sales users can now change the order of how tables and comparisons are displayed in value propositions, much like the order of value drivers.
  • New Currencies added: Swedish krona, Danish krone, Swiss franc, Polish zloty
  • Improved UI for Multi-Year: The screen text for the Multi-Year Start tab has been re-written to make it more appropriate for a Multi-Year scenario.

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