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December 2014

New User Interface with redesigned “Start” tab:

  • Prompts user for three different units of measure: customer, competitor, and offering
  • Acquisition Efficiency can be calculated as alternative/additional source of value
  • New international currency: Canadian Dollar

Advanced Notice: End of Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft is beginning to phase out support for IE8 in favor of their newer browser version IE11, which “offers improved security, increased performance, better backward compatibility, and support for the modern technologies that power today’s websites and services” (Microsoft IE Support Lifecycle Policy). In order to maintain our commitment to security, as well as the ability to utilize the latest web technologies, LeveragePoint will discontinue support for IE 8 after the February, 2015 release.

November 2014

New User Interface available for this release, including:

  • Redesigned “Start” tab with new “Customer Unit” field
  • New “Units & Prices” tab in Value Modeling includes ability to enter competitor and offering prices


October 2014

New for this release:

  • Value Proposition labels carry over to UVPs, enabling sales users to more easily find their work
  • Archive option is now available for UVPs to help sales users keep their list of works-in-progress clean and up-to-date
  • Make a copy of a value driver within a model to avoid having to rebuild complex formulas from scratch
  • Re-enable save button option allows value modeling users to continue working after lost internet connection (or other save errors) without fear of losing work


September 2014

New for this release:

  • New sales template designed to tell a value story, featuring substantial changes enabled by JavaScript, which can now be used to make much more interactive custom templates.
  • Set a default currency precision (number of decimal places) in a model for each unit of measure.
  • Click on sub-formula values to expand/collapse the sub-formula in both the marketing and sales interfaces.
  • Re-use variable tags across value models, including by saving tags to libraries.


August 2014

New for this release:

  • Define any value driver using any unit of measure specified within a model
  • Automatic value formatting based on variable names now intelligently sets each new variable as a currency, percent, or count
  • Variable tags are now available for filtering the Variables list in Value Propositions
  • Stair-step value chart (EVE) now available in Value Proposition templates
  • Multi-year charts now available in PPT exports


July 2014

New for this release:

  • Improved search for value models and value propositions – “Fuzzy matching” returns relevant results despite typos. “Partial word matching” returns results with any word that starts with the letters searched.
  • New functions are now available in value driver and price calculations, including round, round up, round down, and square root.
  • New charting capability allows for more flexible chart customization in Value Propositions.
  • Updated PowerPoint export template, designed to facilitate value discussions, especially in sales.
  • Click enter (rather than the Add button) to add variables to value driver and price calculations.


June 2014

New for this release:

  • Copy and paste lists of features and benefits from Excel into the Value Modeling tool
  • Add new variables directly into a value model (rather than as part of a value driver or price calculation)
  • Collapsed view of usage in the variables list (with the option to expand/view usage for individual variables or the entire list)


May 2014


New for this release:
  • Value driver and price calculations may now include more levels of sub-formula.
  • Variable data in Value Propositions may now be restricted to minimum/maximum ranges, rather than only a simple lock/unlocked state.
  • Users may now access security logs, detailing their account history.


April 2014


New for this release:
  • Price Setting data is now available in PowerPoint and the new Excel exports
  • Multi-Year and Merged Model data is now available in the new Excel exports
  • Multiple custom PowerPoint templates may now be made available for export from Value Propositions (Sales Interface).


March 2014

New for this release:

  • New export to Excel, including all key data in a format which allows for complete customization of the export template
  • Export options for Excel and PowerPoint are more accessible, including multiple template options from Value Modeling tools and from the Actions menu on the home page
  • Custom calculations and charts in custom Value Proposition templates may now use specific Value Drivers and Variable data


February 2014


New for this release:
  • Variable Metadata Indicator – Now a notes icon appears to the right of each value, and is illuminated to indicate where source or notes have been entered
  • Volume Conversions in Unit of Measure – Automatically recalculates volume when changing between alternate units of measure
  • Improved Multi-Year Analysis – Now specify virtually any type of schedule (e.g. years: “1, 4-6, 9” much like a print range option)
  • Enhanced User community and support – Secure forums where users within a particular company can share and communicate best practices

Microsoft has announced that they will discontinue support of the Windows XP operating system on April 8, 2014. At that time, there will be no further security updates for Internet Explorer versions 6 or 7. In order to maintain our commitment to security, LeveragePoint will also discontinue support for IE 6 and 7 on April 8, 2014Please see here for more information on Microsoft’s announcementLeveragePoint also plans to discontinue support for IE 8 later this year.

January 2014


This release greatly improves the user experience of key functionality:
  • “Freeze panes” is now enabled when linking (mapping) Features to Benefits and Benefits to Value Drivers. (Available in Firefox and Chrome)
  • Sort the Value Driver list alphabetically or by value
  • Delete all unused Variables in one step
  • Type-ahead search greatly improved, allowing Value Models to load quicker and making it easier to add Variables to Value Driver calculations


December 2013


New for this release:
  • Zoom In capability is now available for Price charts in Value Communication and Price Setting tools
  • Attachments and Model Notes may now be included while publishing Value Propositions
  • Custom calculations and user-specified value drivers and variables may now be included in custom PPT exports


November 2013


This release provides major enhancements for iPad users, including:
  • Redesigned home page for quickly filtering the list of available Value Propositions
  • Toggle between View and Edit modes to facilitate better value conversations with customers
  • More flexible template design options for displaying data in custom templates


October 2013

New this release:

  • The stakeholders map now includes an optional column for value driver names, as well as value messages
  • Library exports – Library administrators may now download an export of the library contents to Excel to help ensure consistency and validity of value drivers and variables, data, and more
  • Export tracking – User administrators may now retrieve usage data for value model and value proposition exports to better track adoption


September 2013

New this release:

  • iPad Optimization – Value Propositions may now be viewed in an iPad-friendlier format, which can be further customized to include customer branding, as well as additional content, including video
  • PPT Export Updates – Many enhancements, including a new section for detailed calculations of sub-formulas, the ability to move certain information into the PowerPoint
  • Presentation/Speaker Notes, and an option to export directly to presentation mode (.ppsx)
  • Single Sign-On with Google – Enterprise customers who use Google authentication may log in with a single click (no username/password required


August 2013


New options for Value Proposition templates, allowing for further customization of the “look and feel” for customer-facing content, including:
  • Custom value charts
  • Custom value calculations and labels in the Value Summary


July 2013

New for this release:

  • Enhanced unit of measure conversion functionality in value models, including the ability to add multiple alternative units
  • Library enhancements, including the ability to save data, competitors, features, benefits, and pricing factors directly from value models into libraries


June 2013

New for this release:

  • Sort the Variables list alphabetically or by value, or filter the list by Usage and Tags
  • Export Value Models to PPT is now more accessible, including from the Actions menu on the home page
  • Formula functionality is now available for calculating Our Price in Value Communication


May 2013

New for this release:

  • Library enhancements, including the addition of Units of Measure and Conversion Factors, and the ability to save default data for the same variable in multiple currencies
  • Exponent function now available in all formulas using the ^ symbol, as in Microsoft Excel


April 2013

New for this release:

  • Value Model export: The XLS export now includes Feature-Benefit-Value Driver mapping (or Links), as well as the complete Variables list
  • New library for Customer Sensitivity Factors
  • Variable Metadata (Sources and Notes) is now editable in Unique Value Propositions (UVPs)


March 2013

New for this release:

  • Merge value models: combine two or more existing models to create a single bundled solution
  • Easier to merge value drivers: now possible in one quick step!
  • Better readability for “Link” tables: Mouseover text now shows row/column headings in each cell, making it easier to work with large feature, benefit, and value driver lists


February 2013

New for this release:

  • Data Re-use: Users may now import data when selecting an existing competitor or value driver from another value model
  • Attachments: Users may now add attachments to Value Models. Attach files, such as spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and more


January 2013


New for this release:

  • Users may now include Value Driver names in Value Proposition Summary tables
  • PowerPoint exports may now include Data Source for each Key Variable
  • Users may now have multiple views (e.g. Marketing, Sales, Libraries, and/or User Admin)


December 2012

New for this release:

  • Improved usability for value modeling: set specific decimal places for each variable, and rename variables on variable tab
  • New value chart in PowerPoint export: pie chart of value drivers
  • New international currency: Norwegian Krone


November 2012

New for this release:

  • Multi-year value models can show NPV (Net Present Value) calculation
  • Many enhancements to Value Modeling including the ability to re-order variables in formulas, merge variables and use conversion and volume variables in formulas


October 2012

New for this release:

  • Customers can now use custom PowerPoint templates for Value Propositions
  • New Value Chart shows differentiated value year by year as well as value payback period


September 2012

Multi-Year Analysis is now available as an option for enterprise customers. This capability includes:

  • Formula calculations for your offering price
  • Value driver formulas with payment schedules (both recurring and non-recurring)
  • An additional table in Value Communication as well as Value Propositions that shows value and cost on a per period basis, as well as payback period


August 2012

New for this release:

  • LeveragePoint now officially supports the Google Chrome browser
  • Enterprise customers can now integrate LeveragePoint with Salesforce
  • Enterprise customers can publish Value Propositions choosing from a menu of customized layouts


July 2012

New for this release:

  • Enterprise customers can now add price ranges for offers.
  • Users can now add notes with rich text formatting on Unique Value Propositions.
  • Enterprise cusotmers can customize the layout of their Value Propositions.


June 2012

New for this release:

  • Major upgrade to the overall look and feel: a cleaner design that will improve the user experience. Please note that page layouts and functionality are unchanged.
  • Easier search in the Share function: now you can enter first or last name to find colleagues, as well as email address, when selecting other users to share.
  • Enterprise users can now edit value messages and customer questions inside Value Propositions.


May 2012

This release features major improvements to Value Propositions:

  • New variables tab shows a list of all variables used in quantifying customer value. This makes it easy for users to edit key variable data in one place.
  • Value Return on Investment (ROI) % calculation is included along with Customer Value and Compeititor Cost comparison charts.
  • More customization options in the Summary table. Users can now reorder rows and hide columns.


April 2012

New for this release:

  • Improved Value Driver Search: Users can now copy value drivers from any value model they have access to. No need to save to a private or shared library.
  • Expanded Library Content: Two new libraries, Competitors and Variables, are now available along with existing Features, Benefits, Value Drivers, and Data Libraries.
  • Enhanced Library Administration: All libraries are now managed from one central location.


February 2012

New for this release:

  • Total Cost chart now available in Value Propositions and UVPs.
  • Single sign-on for enterprise customers, i.e. ability to log in using your corporate account.
  • Enhanced customization options for user interface.


January 2012

New for this release:

  • Improved margin analysis, now including a production volume option.
  • Streamlined story tab, removing stakeholder questions.
  • New ability to toggle the highlights on changes made in UVPs.


December 2011

New functionality to make value modeling faster and easier, including:

  • Competitive Price: Ability to build formulas to calculate competitor pricing.
  • Value Driver Selection: More powerful search filters, ability to search across all libraries at once; and preview value driver formula before selecting.
  • Value Driving Editing: Build and quantify formulas at the same time; the ability to create sub-formulas; and immediately reuse new variables and sub-formulas.
  • Value Driver Saving: Side-by-side comparison of value drivers before saving.
  • Variables Table: New list of all variables and data used in the model.
  • Currency Settings: Ability to use up to four (4) decimal places in a model.
  • Model Notes: Ability to add notes (using advanced text editing) on a value model which are available in the More drop-down menu in Value Modeling, Price Setting, and Value Communication tools.


October 2011

New for this release: PowerPoint Export

  • Value Propositions and Unique Value Propositions can now be exported to PowerPoint.
  • Exported presentations contain multiple chart options.
  • NOTE: Users with older versions of MS Office may need to install MS Office Compatibility Pack


September 2011

New for this release:

  • Feature-Benefit Libraries
    • Enable users to build value models more quickly by selecting from a common, standard list of features and benefits, organized by product.
    • Company admins can update the feature and benefit lists and add new libraries.
  • Additional currency formatting available for Thai Baht, Mexican Peso, and Brazilian Real.


August 2011

Updated for this release:

  • User List Export: updated for faster download from User Administration
  • All tools now restrict users from making edits until all data has been fully loaded. This is an additional layer of security to protect against accidental loss of data.
  • Security information added to all email communications.


July 2011

New for this release:

  • Enhanced administrative functionality to manage automated email notifications to users.
  • New functionality to support auditing of administrative changes at the user, group, and configuration levels.


June 2011

New for this release:

  • Home page: Improved layout to find and organize Value Models and Value Propositions more easily.
  • Publishing: New functionality to improve the process of publishing and managing the publication of value models.
  • Sales Interface: Major enhancements to the layout of the Sales interface to better support the sales process.


May 2011

New for this release:

  • Find Page Bulk Export: Users can download a list of value models (filtered or complete) from the Find Page into a spreadsheet
  • New Administration Functions: Company administrators can now manage users and groups, including bulk download of users into spreadsheets.


April 2011

New for this release:

  • Ability to label Value Models and then filter by these labels when searching for Value Models.
  • Competitor Price: Ability to change competitor price in Price Setting Tool.


March 2011

New for this release:

  • Ability to rename Value Models.
  • Lock/Unlock Price: Set whether the price can be changed (or not) by sales users.
  • Enhanced Security Features: Greater configurability of security options for enterprise subscriptions


February 2011

New for this release:

  • Change Unit of Measure: Click “More” button to switch between different units of measure and to switch between per unit and volume calculations.
  • Reorder Lists: Drag and drop items to reorder lists of Features, Benefits, and Value Drivers.
  • Lock/Unlock Data Fields: Define which data fields are editable (or not) by sales users.
  • Sales Package Analytics: Marketers can download all copies of a Value Model created by sales users into a spreadsheet for analysis.


January 2011

New collaboration functionality. This allows multiple users to work on the same Value Model at the same time. Here’s how it works:

  • When you open a particular Value Model, you will know if someone else has it open and in which mode: “editing” or “view only”.
  • Only one user can edit a model at a time. However, users with owner or editing permission on the model can pass editing control amongst themselves.
  • Users in “view only” mode are prompted to “reload” whenever the model has been updated by the user in “editing” mode.


December 2010

New for this release:

  • New shortcuts: move between Value Modeling, Price Setting, and Value Communication tools.
  • Zoom In/Zoom Out: feature added to Value Modeling chart.
  • Share link: in “More” menu, allows you to generate a URL link to paste into emails.
  • Extended language support: use non-western characters in Value Models.


October 2010

New for this release:

  • The “Sharing Settings” in “More” menu (previously disabled) are now functional.
  • Improve page loading times.


September 2010

New functionality for this release:

  • Improved Search capabilities: Search is now faster and results are ordered by an enhanced relevance algorithm.
  • Multi-Currency support: Value Models can now be made in a variety of currencies.
  • Improved Sales Collaboration: New publish settings give marketers more flexibility in publishing to sales.


August 2010

New Data Management capability. Users can now more easily (and consistently) quantify variables inside formulas in their value models. Specific functionality:

  • Companies can create and manage their own data libraries of their key customer metrics.
  • Users can search data libraries as well as other value models and sales packages for specific data to quantify variables.
  • Each piece of data includes Source and Notes.

See Tabs 1 and 5 of the Value Modeling Tool for more details.

July 2010

New functionality for custom Value Drivers. Users can now:

  • Build their own quantification formulas for custom Value Drivers.
  • Copy and edit other Value Drivers.
  • Save their custom Value Drivers in their own private Value Driver library.
  • Share their selected Value Drivers with colleagues.

See the new Value Driver Templates tab (on the main Find page) and Tab 3 of the Value Modeling Tool (Add Custom) for more details.

May 2010

New for this release – Enhanced user management functionality for company administrators:

  • Usage Reporting: Run detailed usage reporting for specific users and groups.
  • Search: Find specific users and groups quickly.
  • User/Group Management: Set up and manage new users and groups easily.


April 2010

New for this release:

  • Improved Performance: LeveragePoint has been re-engineered to run faster than before.


March 2010

New for this release – Price Setting Tool Added

  • Customer Sensitivity Factors: Analyze your customer’s willingness to pay by selecting and choosing customer sensitivity factors.
  • Margin Analysis: Model the contribution and operating margin of your products.
  • Break-Even Sales Change: Calculate the amount in sales volume gain required to break-even when considering a price cut for your offer.
  • Improved Performance: We’ve updated our platform to make search and updates faster than ever before.


February 2010

New for this release:

  • Support for Company-specific Value Driver Libraries.
  • Support for Company Data Libraries.


January 2010

New for this release:

  • Feedback from Sales: Marketers can now receive feedback and rating of the usefulness of the Value Packages from Sales. This can be accessed from the “Feedback” tab on the Find page.
  • Email notification: Marketers can turn the email notification on when they publish the Value Package. Sales can also turn the notification on to receive marketers’ response when they post their feedback.
  • Export: Updates have been made to export functionality.

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