Utilizing Customer Loyalty Data to Enhance Value Pricing

Format: Webinar

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Good value pricing can enhance your ability to get paid a premium or your fair price. When combining value pricing techniques with customer loyalty data, you can increase your value pricing and your sales team’s confidence in the Value Proposition.

A good customer loyalty survey process can add insights, in an ongoing way, that can help you refine your value pricing. It provides powerful insights into elements of the customer experience which is often overlooked or skimmed over when doing value pricing.

Join Joanne Smith, President of Price to Profits Consulting and previous Corporate Director of Marketing and Pricing at Dupont, in Utilizing Customer Loyalty Data to Enhance Value Pricing and learn:

  • How you can utilize customer loyalty data to supplement and enhance your value pricing
  • The importance of the customer experience in driving loyalty and capturing your fair price premiums
  • The synergies between value pricing and customer loyalty/growth


Joanne M. Smith spent 20 years driving profitability from a variety of business, marketing, and pricing leadership roles inside DuPont, and is the author of “The Pricing and Profit Playbook”. As the Corporate Director of Marketing and Pricing in DuPont, she headed a highly innovative pricing team that influenced senior leaders including those in the marketing and sales organizations to adopt new market-based approaches. Currently, she is President of Price to Profits Consulting which assists B2B companies in transforming their pricing performance to enhance long-term profitability.

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