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The salesperson who is first to talk value with customers will build trust with today’s enterprise B2B buyers and best differentiate themselves from competitors. The results: shorter sales cycles and more deals.

“In Amp Up Your Sales, you’ll discover powerful strategies to become the kind of salesperson that customers want to work with. Master this approach and your sales will soar.” – Jill Konrath, author of Agile Selling and SNAP Selling

Get Andy’s proven strategies on:

  • Using speed and value to build trust with customers
  • Determining what value means from a customer’s perspective
  • “Providing” and “creating” value for customers during the sales process
  • Proactively shaping the buyer’s vision

Andy’s strategies will enable you to reduce selling time and close more deals. Don’t miss your opportunity to see how you can use value to beat competitors by building trust with customers and differentiating your products.

Andy Paul

Andy Paul

Andy Paul, the CEO and Founder of Zero-Time Selling®, is the leading expert on selling with speed. With more than 30 years in the sales business as a successful sales professional and sales vice president in companies ranging from raw start-ups to Fortune 1000, Andy is a frequently sought-after speaker, executive sales coach and sales process consultant. Andy is also the author of the award-winning book, Zero-Time Selling: 10 Essential Steps to Accelerate Every Company’s Sales and Amp Up Your Sales: Powerful Strategies That Move Customers To Make Fast, Favorable Decisions.

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