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The LeveragePoint platform is built to enable collaboration, both within your organization and with your customers. The goal of this series is to review functionality available to LeveragePoint users that may help with your value conversations.

On this page you will find videos highlighting some of this functionality. For a more in depth walk through, or to find other ways to advance your organization’s value initiatives, please click one of the buttons below to contact us or request a demo.

Custom Help For Users

You can provide customized instruction to your users. By understanding the specific objectives, instructions, and success stories of your organization’s LeveragePoint implementation, your users will more easily adopt value strategies.

Go Beyond Value Maps

With LeveragePoint, you can generate a value model from any value map. This will allow you to further your value conversation by moving beyond perceived value and actually quantifying the economic impact to your customer relative to the next best alternative.

See How Your Features Create Value

You can now enhance a more traditional feature and benefit centric discussion of your offering by including estimates of how much value they generate for your customer.

Set A Value Based Price

Within LeveragePoint, you can visualize the differentiation value of your product and consider various ways to price your offering relative to its value created.

Data Insights With The UVP Report

You can use the unique value proposition (UVP) report to track data changes across your custom presentations. This will allow you to generate insights into your customers, as well as determine which part of your value story that the customer is most likely to adjust.

Choose The Right Presentation For The Right Audience

Pairing your value model with a visual template allows you to communicate that value internally and to customers, allowing you to capture that value. How you communicate your value story is important because if someone does not understand your value proposition, they will not be able to make a business decision based on your value.

LeveragePoint Support

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