Best Practices to Build Value Drivers

In value modeling, the key step is the quantification of economic value, or what is sometimes referred to in the U.S. as “dollarization.” In LeveragePoint, this is when you’re adding or creating value drivers. At its core, each value driver…

September 2014 Tool Tip: Creating Complex Value Driver Formulas

Question: How do I create complex value driver formulas? Answer: One of the great advantages of using LeveragePoint for your value modeling (vs. spreadsheets, for example) is the user-friendly handling of complex formulas. The key is to make smart use…

August, 2014 Tool Tip: Real-time Remote Collaboration

Q: Can I collaborate in real time on a value model with a colleague who is working remotely or in another office? A: Yes, multiple people can open the same value model at the same time. This is especially useful…

July Tool Tip: Adding Additional Information and Supporting Documents to Models

Q: Where can I store additional information or attach supporting documents to my model? A: There are two ways to store additional information about a value model: on the individual elements of the value model, and on the value model itself….

June 2014 Tool Tip: Benefits of Multi-year Analysis

Q: What is the purpose of Multi-Year, and how do I use it? A: For many B2B products, a standard representation of economic value (or “Basic” Value Model in LeveragePoint, as seen below) is more than enough to help make…

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