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Should the “Competitive Leadership Model” Really Be “The Value Leadership Model”?

PWC has a Competitive Leadership ModelSM that it is encouraging companies to use to organize their strategic thinking. As part of this it asks  “How well does your business target and segment customers for maximum customer profitability?” Is this the right…

Getting Your Pricing Right – A BCTIA Panel Discussion in Vancouver

“Companies that priced, marketed and sold on value earned operating profits 24% higher than the industry average” – John Hogan, 2009 LeveragePoint CEO Steven Forth will join sales coach extraordinaire Reg Nordman from Rocket Builders and PricingWire’s Chris Hopf for a panel discussion…

Radiology in the Cloud – What is the Differentiated Value?

Remember the old X-Ray room, with doctors standing before a light board peering at black and white images with frowns on their faces? This is still what happens in many hospitals around the world. It is sort of like reading your news…

The Real Growth Driver: Blending Commoditization and Differentiation

Economists and marketers are divided on what drives growth. Most economists believe that efficient markets are the key. An efficient market requires transparent information about prices and products that can easily be substituted one for another. Price is set by…

Discounting in Enterprise Software: Challenge & Opportunity

The enterprise software industry has trained its customers to expect discounts. The list price is seen, at best, as a starting point for negotiation, and in many cases is simply irrelevant, something that doesn’t even act as a reference price….

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