The Value Selling Process

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Empower Sales Conversations

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Your customer is looking for the best results, and it is your job to show them they need you to achieve these results. Show them how you will add value to their business. To sell on value, you must understand your customer and what value means to them and their business. Value selling does not just happen. It is a process that starts with some decision-making and ends in a successful sale.

  1. Identify the Opportunity. Make sure your customer is the type of person you want to work with. Can you actually help them add value to their business? Is it worth pursuing? Once you decide that the answer to those questions is “yes,” it’s time for the next step.

  2. Value Discovery. Find where and whom in the identified opportunity you can help. Discover what matters most to the customer. How do they add value to what they do? This will tell you how you might be able to help them do this. Identify the key people who you need to speak with: the people responsible for creating this value who will have a personal interest in what you are offering. Once you have contacted these people, and they are interested in learning more about how you can add value to their business, it is time to prove it.

  3. Value Demonstration. You demonstrate that you can deliver more of the value your customer is looking for than your competitors. This depends on your own business and the way your customer buys: that presentation or trial is your chance to show why they need you. At this point, the ability to monetize your value is important as it includes the ultimate negotiations and winning or losing of the deal.

  4. Value Delivery. You have made a successful sale. Deliver the value promised to a happy customer, and measure the results.

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