March 9th Tom Nagle Webinar for Professional Pricing Society

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On March 9th, I’ll have the pleasure of co-hosting a webinar with Dr. Tom Nagle for the Professional Pricing Society.  The title is “Getting Your Organization Aligned Around Value.” Tom will discuss the importance of embedding a value capability and mindset deep into an organization.  So important in fact that a company’s pricing strategy and competitive positioning rests on this.

As for myself, I have observed and worked with multiple companies who have attempted to embed value management capability using traditonal approaches: training, consulting, and by adding pricing professionals to their staff.  Although such initiatives are fruitful, the real organizational impact is often short-lived or too narrowly focused.  The best solutions are those that can cut across organizational boundaries – product development, market management, marketing communications and sales – and support an on-going collaboration in the context of real work.   To accomplish that, companies need a true plaform.  Which is why I’ll be making the case for a SaaS solution such as LeveragePoint for Value Management.

Webinar available On-Demand:

For non-PPS members, we will post a link to a recording as soon as it is available.

Ed Arnold
VP Products, LeveragePoint

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