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by | Aug 26, 2010 | Pricing, Product Management, Product Marketing, Why LeveragePoint?

LinkedIn is emerging as an excellent place for conversations between professionals. There are good groups for product management, pricing, marketing and sales (and many other topics). Some of the groups that LeveragePoint its advisors and customers participate in are listed below.

LeveragePoint also hosts the Value Management Group on LinkedIn. How is this group different from other groups where people from product management, sales, pricing and marketing congregate? The Value Management Group’s goal is to support the larger conversation about how understanding differentiated value can give the whole organization a common way to talk about how they impact customers. For B2B, the ‘value’ in ‘value management’ refers specifically to the economic value that an offer has to a specific customer relative to a competitor.

Why does this matter?

Sales and Customers want to quantify the unique advantages of competitive offers.

Sales “With this I can beat the competition and win the sales negotiation.”

Customers “With this I can make the best decision for my business.”

Product Development  wants to builds the products that have clear economic value for customers.

Marketing wants to segment markets and develop value propositions that are specific enough for sales to use effectively with specific customers.

Pricing wants to provide not just pricing rules and guidance, but also the rationale that sales needs to persuade customers to accept prices.

By communicating with each other using a collaboration platform like LeveragePoint, companies can align around their differentiated value to customers.

We would like the Value Management Group to be a place where people from product management, sales, pricing and marketing can come together so that companies can deliver differentiated value, because it is differentiation and not commoditization that drives innovation and growth.

Other Great Groups in LinkedIn


Pricing B2B

Network of Pricing Champions

Professional Pricing Society


Corporate Planning & Global Industry Segmentation

Marketing Executives Group


B2B Sales Forum

Sales 2.0

Sales Leadership


Design Thinking 

Integrative Thinking

Future Trends

Scenario Future & Strategy Group

Software as a Services (SaaS) Group


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