CEB, Now Gartner Sales and Marketing Summit – Day 3

by | Oct 19, 2017 | Product Marketing, Sales, Why LeveragePoint?

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Me, again! But don’t worry, Day 3 was short and sweet, so this post will be too. I made it to one presentation before the conference wrapped up. Michael McCune, Senior Executive Advisor at CEB, delivered a presentation centered around Value Propositions that win advocacy. He stated that affinity does not guarantee advocacy; 49% of B2B buyers are willing to buy and advocate, while the remaining 51% are ready to buy, but not ready to advocate. They’re afraid of losing respect, credibility, and at the very worst, their job.

This was a more advertising/marketing-focused presentation, however it begged an important question for sales:

How do we motivate buyers to speak up on our behalf?

It starts with providing sales the right tools to succeed. Digital, interactive Value Propositions allow the seller to collect buyer data throughout the sales conversation, creating a unique leave-behind tailored to the buyer. This arms buyers with a case-specific story to advocate for internally. Quantified Value Propositions win advocacy by providing buyers with exactly what their C-suite wants to know; how this solution is going to make us or save us money. Combining the two is a force to be reckoned with, and lights a fire under the you-know-whats of that 51%. May the force be with you.

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