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Adding Speed and Agility to Your Sales Conversations

LeveragePoint is devoted to speed, sales adoption, and your success. With our recent updates, sales users can now easily load, present, and share Value Propositions faster. See how we are focused on making your experience within our platform as seamless as possible.

  1. Simple Sales Integration

With our improved in-tool capabilities, working with and LeveragePoint is more streamlined than ever. At a push of a button, users can instantly link Value Propositions to opportunities directly in

This latest upgrade offers sales users:

  • A smooth integration into the tool
  • An easy way to measure the impact of value selling through the reports
  • High close rates and strong pricing options

With these added capabilities, sales teams can focus less on navigating LeveragePoint and, and spend more time to focus on selling. (Please note: this is an optional feature upon request)

  1. Speed of Content Access

Internet browsers are regularly changing, and LeveragePoint is consistently capitalizing on browser improvements to get the best performance for sales. With our latest update, users will now experience 3x faster load time in three main browser platforms: Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.

This improvement offers these benefits:browsers

  • Accelerated Value Proposition load time
  • Fast updates when changing values
  • Quick response time to customer value input

Now, sales teams can present their Value Propositions in the browser they are most comfortable in, with the assurance that they will deliver the Value Proposition faster.

  1. Collaboration in Sales 

As of recent, users can obtain more flexibility in managing Unique Value Propositions. These enhanced share settings also allow for better collaboration by providing access to editing and iterating with other team members.

Other benefits include:

  • Speed and simplicity in presenting Value Propositions to customers
  • Consistent storytelling while delivering your sales pitch
  • Enhanced abilities for sales teams to work cohesively on customer proposals

This cooperative approach to LeveragePoint not only allows for more flexibility among your sales team, but it also supports best sales practices by providing you pathways to succeeding in your next sales conversation.

LeveragePoint is dedicated to helping you reach your goals simply and quickly, and our three tool improvements provide those integral steps towards helping you achieve success. To start having more agile and faster sales conversations, visit

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