Tackling the 7 Challenges and Unleashing the Power of B2B Value

What sometimes seems to be forgotten is that the pursuit of a value orientation to the business involves a lot more than just the sales force. Selling on value involves organisational change, not just a sales force training workshop. The…

How do you Measure the Performance of Value Selling Behavior?

After providing excellent insights during his webinar, The Challenge of Value – Value Selling, Mike Wilkinson, Co-founder and Director at Axia Value Solutions was asked: How do you measure the performance of value selling behavior? His answer: This opens up…

The Value Selling Process

Your customer is looking for the best results, and it is your job to show them they need you to achieve these results. Show them how you will add value to their business. To sell on value, you must understand…

How B2B Pricing and Sales Teams Can Work Together

Insights from “Delivering Value Pricing Through B2B Sales Teams” Presented by Mike Wilkinson A salesperson in a room full of Global Pricing Directors, Strategic Pricing Managers, Value Analysts and the like, surely feels a little nervous. But in the presence…

Understanding Quantifiable and Intangible Value from the Customer’s Perspective

  Defining value from a customer’s point of view requires enterprises to look at quantifiable and intangible value of products. In his recent webinar, “Delivering Value Pricing Through B2B Sales Teams,” Axia Value Solutions’ Co-founder Mike Wilkinson explained how to use…

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