The Case for Dynamic Value Modeling

Guest Post by Stephan Liozu Nothing in business is static. Things change quickly, suddenly, and frequently. The same goes for value models. A value model will quickly be outdated, irrelevant, and obsolete. This is due to the dynamic nature of…

Ask the Expert, Follow-Up on March Webinar: Leveraging the 5C Model for Pricing Transformation

In our March webinar, Stephan Liozu, CEO of Ardex Americas, talked with us about how his mid-sized manufacturing company transitioned from a cost-based to a value-based pricing strategy. To view this webinar visit Resource Center. Q: Your 5C Model (Champions,…

A Value Model for Call Center Software

One can make a strong case that setting prices for software is a relatively more challenging task compared to setting price for other products and services.  Since all software essentially comes down to lines of code, why is it that…

Frame Value from the Customer’s Perspective

Your Price Metric Should Reflect How Your Customer Uses Your Solution To Create Value One key to a successful pricing strategy is to use an appropriate frame of reference, one that resonates with your customer’s point of view. In other…

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