Freemium – How to Price Your Product for Free

Can you believe that there is a wrong way to price a free product?  That premise sounds a bit counter-intuitive.  Giving it away should be the easiest pricing strategy to implement.  Actually, it isn’t. Recently, a group of executives shared…

Everybody Has a Pricing Problem

Yesterday I attended the MassTLC annual Innovation unConference  with hundreds of other professionals from the region’s high technology community including luminaries like Dan Bricklin and Bob Metcalfe.  The principle behind unConferences is self-organization; rather than have a pre-defined agenda, participants…

Leveraging a SaaS Value Story

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and more generally cloud computing are now widely accepted as a perfectly viable IT strategy for large and small enterprises alike. There are even services companies focused on accelerating the adoption of cloud computing, such as Appirio. The…

Are Value Maps Leading you Astray?

Everyone agrees that value is critical to business and that we should sell based on the value we provide and buy based on the value the purchase will create. But value can be a hard thing to communicate.  And what…

A Tough Year For Software: Thoughts on Driving Growth and Margin

A Guest Post by Tom Lucke It’s been a tough year for the software industry.  Enterprise IT budgets have been slashed, corporate layoffs have reduced the need for incremental seat licenses, and consumer PC sales are off. Even the supposedly…

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