Generate Profitability Through Value Selling: Best Practices in Value Quantification and Communication Q&A

For our November Webinar, Todd Snelgrove shared best practices in communicating, selling, and getting paid for the quantified value you provide to your customers. At the end of the session, he answered questions from the audience. In this blog post,…

The Value Coach’s Playbook 1.6: Proofread Models to Correct Mistakes & Fill Gaps

Coaching Experienced Players.  Good value coaches help colleagues quantify the differentiated value of our offerings for better go-to-market strategies, improved pricing, and superior sales performance.  Some of our colleagues are new to value management.  Their coaching needs are usually clear:…

Utilizing Differentiation in Value Modeling: Case Studies in Enabling Customer Conversations Q&A

For our April Webinar, Ole Iacob Prebensen shared his experience implementing a culture oriented on customer value at Elkem Silicon Materials, and the ways each initiative generated bottom-line results using real world examples. To conclude the webinar, he answered some…

The Art of Designing and Testing EVE® Models Q&A Part 2

For our March Webinar, Stephan Liozu shared secrets to the soft skills required to develop great Economic Value Estimation® Models. To conclude the webinar, he answered some questions from the audience. Here is the second half of his live answers:…

The Value Coach’s Playbook 1.5: Competitive Intelligence, Apples to Apples

Coach to a Business Case to Buy.  Good value coaches help their colleagues quantify the differentiated value of our offerings.  That value provides a foundation for better pricing.  Establishing value at the center of customer conversations enables sales teams to…

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