The Biggest Value Quantification Mistake You Can Make: Units of Measure

The third in a series of articles with practical advice for quantifying customer value. Having worked closely with several B2B product teams quantifying customer value, I can state confidently that most product managers don’t know jack about units of measure….

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How to Quantify Intangible Value: Your Brand Reputation

The second in a series of articles with practical advice for quantifying customer value. In part one we covered how to quantify the value of reduced downtime.  For this installment we tackle another favorite source of intangible value: brand reputation….

How to Quantify Intangible Customer Value: Part I

The first in a series of articles with practical advice for quantifying intangible customer value. “How do you quantify intangible value?” is a question we get asked a lot.  Although I enjoy answering that question, I instinctively dislike how it’s…

Making B2B Sales Tools Useful: Get More Out of Your Value Calculators

Do your sales teams have value calculators?  If so, when do they use them? Value calculators are vital to sales teams, because buyers do the math.  A CFO Magazine survey of Buyer Executives found that over 90% of enterprise buyers…

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Is it Really that Hard to Quantify Customer Value? 3 Hurdles B2B Product Managers Leap When They Create Value Propositions for Sales

Great product managers understand customers’ needs and communicate clearly how their product addresses them.  For B2B customers, there is one universal need: improved profitability.  That need is embedded in our economic system and in any set of management objectives. The…

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