End of Year Blog Roundup: Our Favorite Posts of 2020

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2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenges and uncertainty for B2B businesses worldwide. As we look back to some of our favorite blog posts of the past year, our thoughts are with everyone navigating these difficult times together. 

Over the past year, we explored long-simmering trends that have rapidly accelerated, such as the emergence of remote selling and customer success, as well as ways top B2B teams have remained resilient through a laser-focus on financial outcomes and customer value.

Check out our blog posts of the year below, and thank you for reading! We look forward to sharing a successful 2021 with you.

1. Fiserv’s Three-Stage Approach to Mobilizing Value Selling

For B2B organizations laser-focused on customer value, delivering quantified financial results for their customers is a top priority. In a recently published case study, we explored how Fiserv was able to mobilize a transformational Value Selling initiative in three key phases. In this blog, we share how Rick Cantril, Director of Value-Based Strategies at Fiserv, mobilized Value Selling within his team and beyond, scaling it to over 1,500 users organization-wide.

2. Customer Value in Product Development and Launch Reviews: Three Essential Questions a Gate Reviewer Should Ask

Well-defined processes for the development and launch of new products are essential to maximize the speed, efficiency, and revenue impact of research, development and launch efforts. Great B2B organizations focus these processes on their customers by making Value Propositions a central requirement. In this blog post, Peyton Marshall shares the three essential questions a gate reviewer must ask to reveal the true quality of their Value Proposition.

3. How to Start the Customer Value Conversation: Two Approaches to Accelerate Sales Velocity

Chefs and B2B sales professionals have a lot in common. The best ones develop their techniques to improve their performance. Like cooking a lobster, there are two approaches to the value conversation: plunging right in, or slowly bringing it to a boil. In this blog, Peyton Marshall explores these two approaches, and ways they can both be facilitated with a single value proposition.

4. Generate Profitability Through Value Selling: Best Practices in Value Quantification and Communication Q&A

For our November Webinar, Todd Snelgrove shared best practices in communicating, selling, and getting paid for the quantified value you provide to your customers. At the end of the session, he answered questions from the audience. In this blog post, we share his live answers.

5. Three Approaches to “Why Stay?” Customer Value Generates Recurring Revenues

B2B teams regularly face the customer decision point of whether or not to renew. When this happens, account executives and customer success managers need to be ready to answer a simple customer question: “why stay?” Teams who are blindsided by this question, whether or not they think well on their feet, are destined to fail. A simple question deserves a simple answer. In this blog, Peyton Marshall explores why B2B account teams must center their customer success conversations on value delivered.

6. Mobilize Value Selling: How To Increase Your Sales Velocity Q&A

For our July Webinar, Rick Cantril shared his experience initiating, dialing up, and maintaining Value Selling at scale, improving win rates by 10% and decreasing sales cycles by 50-75%. To conclude the webinar, he answered some questions from the audience. In this blog post, we share the first part of his live answers. Be sure to check out the second and third parts as well!

7. Customer Success Practiced Right: Customer Value – The Focal Point for Existing Relationships

During uncertain times, B2B businesses increasingly focus energy and resources on existing accounts. By relieving the stress on the customer, they are able to relieve stress on their own organizations. Despite this, Customer Success professionals have been heavily impacted by Covid-related layoffs. What is going wrong in Customer Success? In this blog, Peyton Marshall explores the ways that B2B businesses can drive proactive customer interactions with existing accounts by quantifying, demonstrating, and selling the financial value they deliver.

8. The C-Suite Case for Value Selling: Increase Your Sales Velocity

Value selling is the proven way for B2B organizations to improve their Sales Velocity by increasing the number of qualified opportunities, improving win rates, growing average deal size, and reducing sales cycle time. In this blog, we dig into the data in greater detail, sharing results from our customers who have implemented value selling, as well as measuring the resulting impact on Sales Velocity within their organizations.

9. Overcome 7 Profit-Killing Pricing Misconceptions: Avoid Mistakes in Tough Markets Q&A

For our May Webinar, Joanne Smith shared strategies to overcome common pricing misconceptions B2B businesses make during times of economic uncertainty. To conclude the webinar, she answered some questions from the audience. In this blog post, we present her live answers.

10. The Value Coach’s Playbook 1.6: Proofread Models to Correct Mistakes & Fill Gaps

Coaches make the difference between pickup soccer and championship football. In business, great value coaches help their teams achieve commercial excellence. In the final part of this blog series, we look at how good coaching questions help to move less experienced players along and get the most out of experienced players by filling gaps and correcting mistakes.

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