Capture the Value of New Products

An SKP study found that 72% of new product launches don’t achieve their profit targets. Successful launch teams use LeveragePoint to give them an edge in making decisions. They quantify value early in product development, refining their quantitative understanding of customers in LeveragePoint. They analyze customer segments and design offering and pricing strategies based on value. With LeveragePoint, teams rapidly set value-based launch prices. Then they publish user-friendly Value Propositions in LeveragePoint for sales traction at launch.

Develop Valuable Innovative Products

Innovation is central to B2B competitiveness. But great technical R & D is never enough. Quantifying customer value early in development helps teams make better decisions to move a product through gated R & D processes. Making customer-centric go-no go decisions and designing product enhancement based on customer value helps to avoid product flops. Profitable launches of differentiated, innovative products are the result.

Design Pricing Strategies for Launch Success

Customer value in LeveragePoint provides a strong focal point for product launches. Product launch teams identify customer segments as they refine their understanding of customer value within target geographies and internationally. Using a cloud platform, they draw on the best work of others using repositories and libraries. They design a value-based offering, configuration and messaging. They set value-based pricing strategies. LeveragePoint users realize an average increase of 2-4% in gross margin in launching innovative products.

Enable Reps to Sell Right at Launch

Quantified Value Propositions provide powerful messages for a product launch, identifying the direct benefits for a customer’s business. Making Quantitative Value Propositions available to sales in an easy-to-use form helps reps to learn and sell a new product more effectively. Value Propositions highlight product differentiation.  They drive interactive customer conversations that create a specific, quantitative business case for change. Value Propositions build sales confidence in the performance of new products at launch.