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As we saw in one of our latest blog posts, one of the main challenges of the Economic Value Approach is clarity of communication. Supplementing this approach with others that aid communication, such as side-by-side displays, tables, and cost comparisons is a good way to provide sales and presales the visual support they need to present a clear value story.

As of our latest tool release, sales users can now copy these tandem displays, such as comparisons and tables, within a value model. Benefits of this update include:

  • Decreased time spent creating custom displays for Value Propositions
  • Consistent, collaborative storytelling among sales teams
  • Increased confidence for sales and pre-sales teams

Side-by-side graphical displays require the least amount of explanation all while minimizing confusion for customers by providing well-organized tables with numbers and messaging. Communicating your Value Proposition is more than getting the math right; supporting your sales presentations with clear graphics result in stronger customer conversations and increased sales confidence. To start using dynamic displays to help communicate value, visit

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