LinkedIn Poll – What is the best place to look for new pricing talent?

Another of our simple LinkedIn polls. These polls are meant to provoke discussion amongst people interested in pricing and its strategic connections to product management, marketing, sales and finance. They are not meant to be authoritative. We are always looking…

LinkedIn Poll – Where does pricing have the most impact in the sales funnel?

It is generally agreed that in most B2B transactions the price is negotiated as part of the overall deal. Price plays an important role in the sales process, but pricing experts and sales often struggle to work together. In the…

Insights on Value-Based Pricing in the New Product Development Process

Our January 26 Webinar on Value-Based Pricing in the New Product Development Process drew an engaged audience of about 50 people. To view On-Demand Visit: We had a good mix of industries (from specialty chemical to data and information) and in…

Control of Discounting Requires Collaboration on Value

Our Thursday November 18 webinar “Avoid Discounting Using Value-Based Pricing” was well attended and provoked some strong responses. Discounting is a sore point across sectors, and clearly “Just Say No” is not working and in any case is not the…

Understanding Value is the Root of Innovation – A Theme for the Mass TLC Innovation 2010 unConference

The Mass TLC Innovation 2010 unConference will be this Thursday, October 14, 2010. This event is one of the high-points of the year in the Boston area. It brings together the top visionaries, commentators, entrepreneurs and their supporting groups for a…

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