Three Approaches to “Why Stay?” Customer Value Generates Recurring Revenues

B2B account executives and customer success managers dread the customer decision point that every existing account deliberately confronts sooner or later. Will they renew? Even if the account has been on autopilot for years, a deliberate choice to remain our…

Make Buyer Interactions More Valuable: Virtual Customer Experiences and Remote Decisions

Restaurant dining and B2B buying are similar. Hospitable service, impactful presentation, and satisfying outcomes keep customers coming back for more. Unless seating capacity is reduced and customers stay home to stay safe. COVID-19 is changing the practices of both diners…

The C-Suite Case for Value Selling: Increase Your Sales Velocity

The best single metric for B2B sales success is sales velocity. As a measure of performance, sales velocity provides a clear way to organize the essential factors that will drive immediate revenue growth. It measures how quickly deals move through…

How to Start the Customer Value Conversation: Two Approaches to Accelerate Sales Velocity

Chefs and B2B sales professionals have a lot in common. The best ones develop their techniques to improve their performance. Here is one set of strikingly parallel questions for the chef and the sales rep: For the chef: How do…

Customer Value in Product Development and Launch Reviews: Three Essential Questions a Gate Reviewer Should Ask

Whether you believe that product launch failure rates are only 40% or are closer to 65-75%, getting product launches right is important. To drive continued profit growth with innovative products, the best B2B companies splice a strong product development and…

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