[Part 1] Execute on Account-Based Marketing: Targeted, Personalized Content for Sales Engagement

Connecting with your audience is fundamental to any effective communication. Who?  What audience are you targeting?  High performing B2B sales executives have long targeted accounts and individuals deliberately. Now Account-Based Marketing (ABM) initiatives align sales and marketing jointly to target…

Win with Powerful B2B Sales Moments: Two Differences Between Value Propositions and Value Calculators

Arms races confront us like never before.  Literal arms races: Korea, the US, Russia, China and the Middle East. Economic arms races: tariffs, investment bans and restrictive trade policies. Media arms races: Twitter, Facebook, streaming services and network television.  And commercial…

Close the Right Deal Based on a Shared Business Case to Buy: Using Value Propositions Later in the Sales Cycle

The best B2B commercial teams drive simplicity into the way their teams sell complex solutions.  Yet no matter how streamlined your team’s approach to selling, B2B buying processes are rarely straightforward or transparent to the sales teams navigating them.  As…

How to Use Value Propositions in the Middle of the Sales Cycle: Focus Sales Teams on Customer Outcomes

Equipped with extensive online information, risk averse B2B buyers can be elusive. With competing priorities, buyers erect walls, making it difficult for sales to engage and overcome buyer inertia. As highlighted in our last blog, the biggest sales challenge early…

How to Use Value Propositions Early in the Sales Cycle: Flexible Case Studies Drive More Qualified B2B Sales Opportunities

Understanding Sales Challenges, Richardson’s recently compiled survey, identified the top 3 concerns among seller executives: (1) Competing against a low cost provider, (2) Combatting the status quo and (3) Knowledge about how to team sell effectively. These concerns are consistent…

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