Selling to the C-suite: Preparing Sales Teams for Random Encounters & Predictable Questions

The successful sale of a complex B2B product or solution often faces the twin challenges of addressing multiple customer stakeholders and of driving change or innovation at a customer organization. Engaging a customer executive can improve the quality of a…

Selling to the C-Suite: Understand Your Audience

For B2B companies with big ticket, innovative solutions, selling to the C-suite can become organizational mom and apple pie. It isn’t surprising. All it takes is a single sales success story. For innovative products or solutions with significant customer impact,…

Sales and Presales Teamwork in B2B Enterprises: Shared Value Propositions Promote a Better Clubhouse

Presales support has become a critical resource for technically complex B2B enterprise sales. As part of customer facing and inside sales teams, presales specialists inject technical and implementation expertise directly into customer dialogues. Great presales professionals understand the technical dimensions…

When Football Season Starts, There is Still Time: What Can a B2B Product Manager do to Make Revenue Targets?

A lot of us spend June to August waiting for football. As summer fades, as school starts, we anticipate spending our leisure time with greater focus and greater intensity. Those of us who were born shy look forward to having…

Value Selling: How Great B2B Organizations Succeed

Value-based selling helps sales fill the pipeline, close more deals and realize better prices. The benefits are clear. So why aren’t companies more effective in implementing value selling?   B2B enterprises commit to selling customer value. They invest time and…

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