How B2B Enterprises Drive Successful Value Selling: 5 Tips on How and Where to Start

CRM data from organizations adopting value selling show that opportunities where a Value Proposition is used (1) have 5-15% higher win rates and (2) 5-25% higher price outcomes. This is reason enough to invest the time and bandwidth to provide…

What do You Do for Your B2B Customers? Flexible Case Studies Increase Qualified Sales Opportunities

How useful is your marketing content? Does it support effective customer conversations? Does it help sales increase the number of qualified opportunities? On average, buyer executives are rarely impressed by the content that sales uses.  A Forrester buyer survey found…

Making B2B Sales Tools Useful: Get More Out of Your Value Calculators

Do your sales teams have value calculators?  If so, when do they use them? Value calculators are vital to sales teams, because buyers do the math.  A CFO Magazine survey of Buyer Executives found that over 90% of enterprise buyers…

How to Test a Value Proposition: 4 Steps to Maximize Sales Team Usability of Value Content

Value selling delivers results.  CRM data from B2B organizations that have adopted value selling demonstrate that opportunities where a Value Proposition is used result in: (1) 5-15% higher win rates and (2) 5-25% higher price outcomes. But the content and…

Useful Value Propositions for Sales Teams: Designing Relevant Value Drivers to Differentiate in Customer Conversations

“What do you do for your customers?”  B2B sales teams should be able to answer that question the same way that our CEO or our VP of Sales would answer it.  “We deliver value,” with 2 or 3 clear ways…

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