What Are You Doing to Enable B2B Sales in 2018? Align Your Value Proposition with Your Sales Initiatives

What percent of your B2B sales force made quota in 2017?  A CSO Insights survey suggests that 57% is the average. This means that 43% didn’t meet goal.  Getting better performance out of the middle 80% of the sales force…

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Is Your Commercial Team Self-centered or Customer-centered? Value Propositions Focus Conversations on the Audience that Matters

Is our B2B commercial team self-centered?  Or is it customer-centered? This obvious question for any C-suite is rarely asked in public and even more rarely answered.  For any self-respecting business leader, there is only one satisfactory answer.  Frequently, the honest…

Value Propositions that Address Sales Uncertainties: Equip Sales Teams with Content Options for Customer Conversations

Do you remember your first adrenaline rush? There is a good chance that it came from fear, anxiety or stress: states of mind that happen to all of us. Some people enjoy the adrenaline and deliberately or impulsively make choices…

Sales Conversations that Engage B2B Buyers: The 3 Layers of a Great Value Proposition

B2B buyers usually have hectic schedules. Yet they make time for some sales conversations. Why? Busy executives take a sales call because getting live answers to a few key questions is faster than searching the internet for answers. Invariably buyers…

Frame Customer-Centric Conversations to Get the Best Results: Units Matter – per Year, per Part, per Patient, per Pound

There is an unavoidable question in early B2B sales calls: “How much does it cost?”  Any experienced buyer wants to figure out quickly whether to spend their time learning about our product.  As part of that, they need a fast…

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