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Confessions of a Spreadsheet-Aholic: Does TCO Support Strong Value Propositions?

“Total” is a good word. Whether or not you like Arnold Schwarznegger movies.  Whether or not you’re a Valley Girl. “Total” conveys a sense of comprehensiveness.  Like you’ve thought of everything. It’s the main reason that “Total Cost of Ownership”…

Confessions of a Spreadsheet-Aholic: Quantified Customer Value Propositions without the Alphabet Soup

I always liked speaking in abbreviations.  When I was a rookie, it was a great way to show off.  It let co-workers know I’d learned the ropes.   And if they fired me, I could always get a job at…

Confessions of a Spreadsheet-Aholic: Avoid the ROI Traps in B2B Customer Decisions

By: Peyton Marshall, CEO LeveragePoint Being a CFO has its perks.  One of them is that you get to ask hard questions. I ought to know.  I used to be a CFO. When you sign the checks, it’s acceptable behavior…

Confessions of a Spreadsheet-Aholic: Customer Value Methodology Debates Miss the Point

Have you ever been in a bar fight with an academic? They kick. They bite. They knee you where it hurts. Debating an expert with strong attachments to his or her methodology can get ugly. I ought to know. I…

Confessions of a Spreadsheet-Aholic: How Excel Slowed the Uptake of a Good Therapeutic Drug

The most important product launch of my career should have been faster. But spreadsheets got in the way. In 2001 I was CFO of a company launching a drug for use in a hospital procedure to treat heart disease.  We…

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