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In the world of B2B marketing and sales, hyperfocus on the customer has been one of the predominant trends in the past 5-10 years. During this time, B2B software companies have stood up entire customer success teams with a dedicated focus on post-sale success (with the objective of reducing churn and growing accounts). Demand gen marketers are increasingly weaving customer retention and account growth into their acquisition funnels. The increasing service-ication of the economy, fueled by connected devices and IoT, has led to innovative new dynamic and success/outcome-based pricing strategies, especially in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

At the same time – B2B sellers have less control over their own story than ever. The internet has fueled an age of buyer empowerment where information is available at the fingertips of each person involved in purchasing decisions. This results in a scenario where sales reps only have 5% of a purchaser’s time during their buyer journey. Online research has largely displaced vendor marketing collateral as the leading source of buyer information. Making an impact by communicating value in the limited number of live customer touchpoints is now more critical than ever.

At LeveragePoint, this value communication is embedded in our DNA. Our innovative cloud platform helps B2B commercial teams create well-designed Value Models, which can be transformed into digital Value Propositions – interactive presentations for sales to use in conversations with customers and prospects instead of slide decks and ROI spreadsheets (if you haven’t seen our tool in action – sign up for a demo here).

Communicating value isn’t just something we talk about – it’s key to our own success here at LeveragePoint. This is why we started the process of imagining and building a new company website last year. We officially went live in February – if you haven’t seen it already, here’s our new homepage:

In addition to the technical and practical considerations that drove this decision, we wanted our new site to reflect the strong customer focus that is central to our mission. After all, the goal of our monthly webinar series, our blog posts, our whitepapers, and our videos is to help and educate B2B business professionals looking to transform and sustain commercial success through maximizing customer value delivered.

Whether you’re responsible for pricing, product management, marketing, or sales, we hope that our new website will be your go-to resource for all things related to customer value. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the new features we are most excited about:

  • New Learn Hubs: We created a new learning center to serve as a content hub for some of the most important topics we cover. While many of our longtime readers, and those professionals steeped in value-based traditions, might already be aware of the profound bottom-line impact value can generate, there are many out there that are new to value-based disciplines.Whether you’re starting your career, new to your industry, or have just never worked at an organization where value is a priority, we wanted to provide a convenient place that connects our most informative blog, white paper, and webinar content to specific concepts, such as Value Selling, Value Pricing, and Customer Value.For our readers who have been immersed in value for years (or longer), we look forward to exploring more advanced topics. Here are the first six learn pages – we plan on expanding this area of the website further in the coming months and beyond:

  • Blog/Resource Library: Over the years, we’ve built a large library of blog posts, webinars, whitepapers, and videos covering a wide breadth of topics related to customer value. Contributions have come both from the team at LeveragePoint and some of the leading thinkers in the areas of Value Pricing, Value Management, and Value Selling.In order to make this area of the site as user-friendly as possible, we implemented a new search widget that lets you filter topics based on the area of interest or resource type. The search bar is able to query over ten years of content, so if you’re looking for information on a specific topic, or would like to see content from a particular expert, simply key in your term into the search bar.Check out our blog and our resources and see for yourself

  • Improved Speed/Mobile Experience: One critical trend in web design – whether you are designing a website, an app, or a product – is the increasing importance of cross-browser and cross-device compatibility. In 2020, over half of all search traffic came from mobile, non-tablet devices. This is an area where B2B is catching up to B2C in many ways, but the trends are clear. In fact, Google implemented mobile-first indexing in September 2019, meaning that a website will be judged first and foremost by how it renders on mobile devices, as opposed to desktop devices. This is critical for any business looking to maintain and build an audience through organic search traffic.Our new site was built with this in mind. As we emerge from the global Covid-19 pandemic, many of us will be increasingly on the go. We want to deliver a great experience to all of our readers, whether you’re reading through our latest whitepaper on your tablet, or if you are on a smartphone scrolling through our blog on the train to work. So go ahead, check out our website on your smartphone – the difference should be clear.

And as a final note, I’d love to give a big hats off to the team that put this together – including Christa, who led our design efforts, as well as Pepe, Kyle, Eric, Bonnie, and everyone else who played a part in this launch.

We’re thrilled that you’ve taken the time to check our site – and please keep coming back for the latest in all things value. We’ll be rolling out more enhancements in the coming weeks and months. Finally, if you have any feedback – a topic you would like to see us cover, a guest you would like us to feature, or just a bug you happen to come across, let us know via our contact form.

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