Selecting A Pricing Software Solution

What’s in this case study? The pricing strategy domain has matured since 1980 when the first edition of the classsic The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing was published. Today, B2B companies aspiring to improve profitability through pricing can seek expertise…

Customer Value Propositions In B2B Sales: Successful Strategies For Organizational Deployment

What’s in this whitepaper? The best B2B enterprises win by selling differentiated products and offerings. They win profitably by realizing prices that reflect the customer value of their differentiation. They win profitably and consistently by organizing their sales teams to…

Increase Your Revenue from B2B New Product Launches

Why do 3 out of 4 new products fail? This is truly a sobering statistic considering that companies invest billions bringing new innovations to market. Even more concerning is that the new product launch success rate hasn’t improved in the…

Tackling the 7 Challenges and Unleashing the Power of B2B Value

How does a B2B business become a value-focused organization? What sometimes seems to be forgotten is that the pursuit of a value orientation involves a lot more than just the sales force. Selling on value involves organizational change, not just…

A 5-Minute Solution to Gain a Competitive Edge with Your Buyer

The B2B enterprise buyer’s process has changed substantially since the emergence of web-based approaches for buyers to source technical, product, and vendor information without contacting a sales rep. The reality is, today’s B2B sales processes and tools have not kept…

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If you’d like to talk more about LeveragePoint’s Value Proposition tool, we’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you. We will listen to your needs, and help you understand if the tool is right for you.


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