8 Ways Spreadsheets Undermine Profits, Growth & Customer Value

Avoid the Spreadsheet Trap with Value-based Pricing and Cloud Software What’s in this whitepaper? Getting the price right is vital to the survival of any business. Particularly for enterprises that primarily sell to and service other companies, where relationships can…

Delivering Value Pricing Through B2B Sales Teams

Customer’s don’t buy because they don’t – or won’t – understand your value. Download Delivering Value Pricing Through B2B Sales Teams and close the disconnect between pricing and sales in order to help customers understand your value. What’s in this…

B2B Customer Value: Building Fluency for Conversations in the Customer’s Language

What’s in this whitepaper? Good organizations speak to their customers in their own language. Great organizations speak and think their customer’s language internally when they formulate strategy and make decisions concerning product design, pricing, as well as sales and marketing…

How To Put A Value Tag On Your Product

What’s in this whitepaper? Every product has a price tag, but you never see a “value tag.” A value tag tells the customer, “What’s it worth for me?” to buy the product. Economic theory says that customers are willing to…

Addressing B2B Sales Challenges: Using Value Propositions As An Effective Sales Tool

What’s in this whitepaper? The application of training and technology to improve sales outcomes is a big business. With all the tools available, do sales reps actually use them? Do sales tools generate success? The survey data suggest that sales…

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