Simplify Your Selling: Tackling the 3 Major B2B Sales Hassles

Digital transformation has moved 83% of the buying journey out of the hands of sales reps and into the “internet of things”. The way businesses buy products and services is no longer controlled by sales teams. Selling B2B products within…

Q&A with LeveragePoint’s CEO, Peyton Marshall

After our November 2017 Webinar, Value Propositions Help B2B Sales Teams Win: Are Yours Sales-ready?, attendees had the opportunity to fire some questions at our CEO, Peyton Marshall. You can view the full webinar recording and/or download the slide deck…

Our New Year’s Round-up: The Top 10 Value Strategy Posts of 2017

2017 was a transformative year; digital and technological advances were abundant, Millennial buyers and sellers forced a change in our traditional processes, and an increasing amount of B2B organizations differentiated themselves with a value-based strategy. LeveragePoint served you content through…

CEB, Now Gartner Sales and Marketing Summit – Day 3

Me, again! But don’t worry, Day 3 was short and sweet, so this post will be too. I made it to one presentation before the conference wrapped up. Michael McCune, Senior Executive Advisor at CEB, delivered a presentation centered around…

CEB, Now Gartner Sales and Marketing Summit – Day 2

Hi, again! I’m back, but this time with Day 2 under my belt. Today I saw continued themes of digital transformation, marketing and sales alignment, and evolving buying behavior. However, a surprise (well, for me) theme emerged that spoke directly…

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