#1 Way B2B Sales & Marketing Leaders Can Grow Top-Line Revenue

The “moment of truth” for B2B sales reps selling a complex solution involving multiple stakeholders is the time they spend presenting and interacting with prospects and customers. An Aberdeen Group study revealed the top resource request by 52% of B2B…

Selling Complex Products and Solutions: Presales Specialization and Customization in B2B Sales

Two forces driving B2B change are clear. First, continuous innovation to enhance, differentiate and revolutionize products and solutions is the primary way that B2B enterprises compete effectively. Second, B2B buyers require less and later direct interaction with sales reps because…

Selling Complex Products and Solutions: Maximizing the Impact of Presales

B2B innovation has created an important and permanent role for presales professionals. “Presales” roles have many job titles but, regardless of title, presales team members: engage directly with customers pre-sale provide in-depth technical and product information tailor a package or…

[Infographic] Selling Outcomes, Not Products

Large B2C corporations figured out a long time ago that selling outcomes rather than product features is the key to increased sales. Companies don’t sell televisions; they sell family bonding or big celebrations on game day. Dreams of fame and…

Selling Complex Products and Solutions: Addressing the Challenges of Presales Professionals

B2B innovation is a two-edged sword, improving enterprise business opportunities while increasing sales complexity. Technology delivers better products but makes them harder to understand, apply and explain. Implementations are more customized as B2B solutions are increasingly tailored to customer specifics….

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