Closing the gap between marketing collateral and sales effectiveness for B2B marketers.

Marketing teams in the B2B world spend thousands of hours carefully crafting marketing materials aimed at communicating the value proposition of their products and services. We’ve all seen the fancy PDFs filled with product specs, wordsmith messages, and impressive visuals designed to…

Internalization of Value-Based Pricing March 20 Webinar with Ardex Americas CEO Stephan Liozu

To view this webinar On-Demand visit our Resource Center. Over the past few years, I have been given the opportunity to learn how firms transform their pricing orientation from cost or competition to customer value. Through rigorous and grounded research…

Ask the Expert, The Right Path to Pricing Maturity Webinar Follow Up

COMPLETING THE PRICING MATURATION PROCESS George Cressman is founder and president of World Class Pricing, a consultancy specializing in helping clients build world class pricing managers. George has nearly 30 years of experience in the chemicals industry, having held business, sales,…

Are you capturing a fair price for the value you deliver?

As our customers quantify the value of their products and services they sometimes run into interesting scenarios. We see that this customer’s solution delivers very high levels of economic value relative to the competition., but that it is capturing only…

Pricing Skills Today & Tomorrow

In a recent published paper, I reported that only 9% of business schools in the United States offer a dedicated elective in pricing. Only a few reputable business schools also offer an executive education program dedicated to pricing strategy and…

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