10 Pricing Mistakes Suppliers Make With Procurement

Guest Post by Jerry Bernstein. This was originally published in the Sept 2010 edition of ‘The Pricing Advisor’ Customers who involve procurement in their purchases are in a stronger position to gain price concessions from their supplier. Why? Because procurement…

The Power of Value Modeling in the Pricing Council

 Guest Post by Stephan Liozu Our July pricing council at ARDEX Americas was probably one of the best council meetings since the launch of the process 18 months ago. We engaged in profound and productive conversations about our level of…

Parker Hannifin’s Best Practices for Pricing New Products

In a LeveragePoint webinar, Improving the Value Proposition for New Products, Dick Braun described Parker Hannifin’s WinStrategy, which transformed the company into a top-tier financial performer in the manufacturing industry. Key to its success was elevating strategic pricing as a corporate…

Value-Based Pricing Hygiene Factors

For a value-based pricing (VBP) strategy to be successful two elements are essential: There needs to be a company-wide focus on customer value creation The processes necessary for the introduction and successful implementation of a VBP strategy need to be…

Value Modeling Creates Sustainable Value-Based Pricing

One of ARDEX Americas’ marketing priorities is to measure differential economic value versus the competition by conducting systematic quantification of value drivers for its products and services. LeveragePoint, a cloud-based software solution for value-based pricing was recently rolled out to…

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